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The waiting Game, 40 weeks plus 4 days

Patients is a virtue! We’re now at 40 weeks plus 4 days and still no sign on baby No.2. Helen is now telling me he’ll be here when he’s ready, she’s right of course!

First time around the waiting was different. Ethan arrived 12 days late but we had the Christmas holiday in the gap between his due date and when he finally arrived. We initially imagined him to arrive on time, then when we had a ‘no show’ and we got closer to christmas day we started thinking and joking about an arrival for that day. Ultimately we just wanted a happy safe delivery but we’d prefer it not to be on that day! Mainly due to this birthday always being over shadowed by the festivities. Such silly things we worry about 🙂

The worry was short lived and was replaced with impatience again. Ethan finally arrived at 10:28am on the 28th December. This brings me nicely back to my first four words, Patients is a virtue! We must all wait for the best things in life and your own sons & daughters arrival couldn’t be a better example of this.

Day to day life is all pretty much normal, well as normal as it can be while waiting for the next instalment of our lives to start. We’re all prepared, with our hospital bag packed, tens machine hired & car seat fitted, so now I’ll sit back and wait pondering parental thoughts, like who he’ll look like more, what university he’ll attend and how long until he’ll beat me at Mario Kart on the Wii.

A message for Bump:

I can’t wait to meet you sometime in the next 8 days, nor can your mummy. Your older brother is excited and is keeping a watchful eye out of the window every now and again for when you finally come home, for Bruno (the cat) it’s just life as normal.

See you soon,




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