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They always say the second baby arrives more quickly than the first and Toby was no exception. A mere 1hour after arriving at hospital and we got to meet our newest family member. Helen was superb and took it in her stride, my hand however was well and truly crushed! tip to the wise, if you’re a lefty like me take your wedding ring off before you hand it to your wife for contraction support, ouch πŸ™‚

Toby is totally gorgeous and we feel so lucky to have him. A pre-emptive purchase of his funky newborn hats was made from CobWebKnits, they have a fab selection and keep your newborn’s noggin cosy and warm.


newborn baby photography

Fun Newborn Baby Hats

beautiful Newborn baby photography

Just after arrival.

Suppiler details:

Newborn Hats from CobWebKnits

Pumpkin & Apple Crumble



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