Catching Chicken Pox + Clean Skin Image Editing

Hi Folks,

The last 4 weeks have been all about chicken pox in our house, first Ethan then Toby. One poorly child after another, not at the same time as that would be way to convenient. Now they have recovered we feel much happier that they have now both had it, but as parents it is so very frustrating seeing them permanently itchy without being able to help, even after they had been completely covered in creams / lotions / potions!

Luckily both boys mostly stayed in good spirits throughout the experience and we took some pictures for their keep sake box.

We printed the portraits to show just how spotty the boys were then I had a bit of a eureka moment. One of the most frequently asked questions mums and dads ask is “can I remove blemishes, spots, scratches etc?” The short answer is YES. Below are the before and after shots of Toby with a full scale pox attack then without.

Cleaning up spots, blemishes and scratches are part of the service I provide 🙂

– Alan


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