William Penn Summer Fete

Capture your Favourite Pirate – Photography Workshop and Competition

Come and join in with the Pirates of Coolham at the William Penn Primary School Summer Fete in Coolham on Saturday 21st June 12 – 4.30pm. I will be running two 20 minute photography workshops during the fete, where I will show the children some simple tips and tricks on how to capture great shots.

Freshly inspired, I will then challenge the children to go off for 10 minutes around the show and practice their new found skills in a fun competition to “Capture their favourate pirate or image which reflects Pirates of Coolham”. This will be followed by a review of the photos with the winners from each workshop receiving a pirate prize at the end of the fete.

PLEASE NOTE: To take part in the competition children will need to bring along a digital camera or a camera phone and parents are more than welcome to sit in the workshops and pick up some tips too.

Workshops will being running at 12:15 & 2:00pm

Hope to see you there 🙂


Children's photography workshop and competition

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